Our History

From Miami Vice to the Facebook era

If you live on planet Earth, you’ll have probably heard about Miami Vice series. Picture the intro that spreads The American Dream and the excesses of the consumer society back in the 80´s somewhere between Ocean Drive, The Florida Keys and beaches invaded by Flamingos. A flamboyance of them packed together and taking off! It’s obvious where does our brand come from. Our name adores all what this colorful bird represents. 

Ok. It was already clear to us that we were naming our brand Flamingo… but, what about the story behind? We needed to create our own concept, and we felt that we identified with the seaside and the sun. Could Florida match this? We were much more attracted by the west coast: Surf, sunsets, freedom, innovation, Apple, Facebook… We immediately fell in love with this idea about California. So, we started to scoop out, and we came across with a concept that captivated us: California Dreamin. And Voilà! Got it! Flamingo will emerge inspired by the Californian lifestyle focusing on millennials, young spirits, nomads, and hunters of light and experiences in the sun.

I + D + E

Innovation, Design and Experience

Innovation, Design and Experience are featured in our DNA. Like every non-conformist, we want a lot more and we seek to create a product that matches our costumers needs with an innovative component that will make him part of a unique experience.


Since fashion research to the product concept we demand ourselves to reach the excellence in materials, finishes, designs and details to accomplishing our maximum task: End-to-end experience. We design our sunglasses right down to the last detail, choosing the finest materials for our lenses and frames. Our exclusive packaging also is an integral part of our identity. We invest in premium materials for assuring products with health and eye care. Matching this with a unique design, we create an all-in-one end experience that provides high quality products at competitive prices for our customers.

Fair price

We have a responsibility towards what we offer.

In Flamingo, we know how to cover your demands at a fair price. Brand monopolies that sell at high prices setting high profit margins are now over. Plus, because of being digital, we can reduce any extra costs so that you can enjoy high quality without squandering money. 

Therefore, we understand business in a much simple way, acting without intermediaries, so that state- of- the- art materials and great designs can always be at your fingertips.

Mission, Vision, Values and Future

The engine of our company

The mission of Flamingo is to create design and innovation eyewear with the best materials in frames and lenses that offer a unique vision and a total protection, together with an experience that adapts to the demand of the consumers who always look for a differentiation . From Flamingo we are aware and we feel identified, of how difficult it is to achieve it, that is why we believe that we must be responsible with this reality, sacrificing the profit margin to obtain an ethical and fair price for our clients. This way Flamingo can provide a high quality product to people without having to pay exorbitant prices.

Flamingo is a small team committed to design and innovation, which works hard to go beyond being recognized worldwide as a brand of glasses committed to people and creating innovative products. The vision of Flamingo is to style women, men and children from all over the world with an accessory, which not only protects, but also completes their identity and communicates their personal style.

Our values ​​represent our identity as a company. We know how to listen, we develop innovative solutions, we work in team in a rigorous manner, with professionalism, integrity and transparency. We commit and invest in the safety of the consumer vision, putting people and their health before economic benefit. We are young people with passion and our intention is that clients feel unique. We believe that with motivation, work and effort we will exceed your expectations.

The future of Flamingo continues to expand in different markets and consolidates its position in the markets it operates, expanding its retail network, improving its main sales channel, electronic commerce and opening Flag Ships in different cities around the world. Flamingo will continue working on its differentiation strategy, investing in I + D + E, creating experiential products, betting on a professional and committed team and above all, thinking about people.